Our company headquartered at Boston University (B-12) has transitioned to the now reactivated A-12 company headquartered at Northeastern University. A-12 is continuing the traditions of B-12 and has recently added eight new members who will lead the company in the future.

Company B-12 was the first tactical-oriented Pershing Rifles company, and for decades has hosted students from BU, Northeastern, and several other surrounding schools. In 2017, the last of our Boston University Army ROTC members graduated, leaving our current senior staff of entirely Northeastern students, who chose to reestablish Company A-12 at Northeastern University -- a Company with its own very long and distinguished history within Pershing Rifles -- and continue with the traditions of B-12 under this new name. We see ourselves as the spiritual successors to B-12, and maintain rich connections to alumni members of both B-12 and A-12.

The B-12 website will remain as a tribute to B-12 history.