Welcome to the website of A Company, 12th Regiment of the National Society of Pershing Rifles. A-12 is one of the few tactical Pershing Rifles companies operating in the nation, and we pride ourselves on the seriousness with which we take our preparations to become officers and leaders in the United States military. As such, our organization is focused on the development of a leadership mindset combined with technical proficiency in many aspects of military activity.

Our mission is to provide motivated individuals with engaging opportunities for leadership and character development through method-driven iteration that will make them more capable, confident, and self-aware. We accomplish this through both Candidate Term and our subsequent A-12 Member Training Program.

Candidate Term is never easy. It will present you with challenges you have never imagined and then it will provide you with the knowledge and skills to overcome them. Upon completion of Candidate Term, you will find that you are more disciplined, physically fit, and capable of accomplishing any undertaking. Candidate Term is run on a “self-selection” basis and is completely voluntarily; it is the individual who must prove their true potential to both themselves and the organization.

To learn more about Candidate Term, you may explore the Testimonials of various company alumni who describe their experience and how it went on to influence their military careers.

A-12 Pershing Rifles is open to determined and motivated cadets and midshipmen in the Army, Air Force, and Navy/Marine Corps ROTC programs at Northeastern University and surrounding schools. We also consider civilians on a case-by-case basis. Choosing to begin the process of becoming a Pershing Rifleman was the most challenging and rewarding decision I have ever made, so I wholeheartedly encourage you to continue to explore our website and to contact us if you have any questions.