In order to become Pershing Riflemen at Northeastern University, candidates must complete Candidate Term, which lasts roughly two months. During this time candidates will be trained and evaluated on a number of skills, tactics, knowledge, and operations. Candidates who accept the challenge of Pershing Rifles will be tested to their limits and pushed to exceed them.

A-12 Pershing Rifles candidates can look forward to a physically and mentally challenging Candidate Term, starting on day one. From the very beginning, candidates find that A-12 is serious about training, learning, and evaluation. Candidates will undergo rigorous physical training, intensive classwork, and realistic field training events and exercises. A-12 cadre work hard to present an objective-oriented learning and growing experience by providing candidates with the necessary training to an appropriate level. Candidates are then given the opportunity to demonstrate their new abilities in a team setting and on an individual basis.

Pershing Rifles candidates have some of the most demanding schedules at Northeastern University. Though challenging, this allows candidates to learn both how to perform under stress and how to best manage their available time. These and other skills learned during Candidate Term serve successful candidates well in ROTC, college, and beyond.


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