On 27 October 2018, Company A-12 Pershing Rifles will be hosting an open land navigation event for ROTC cadets in the Boston area.

During this event, cadets will have the opportunity to exercise map reading and orienteering skills in order to locate checkpoints placed across the Blue Hills Reservation.

If you are interested in participating but not yet familiar with land navigation, we will be hosting two academic sessions where you will learn the concepts and become comfortable with the equipment required to participate. The first session will be offered on 21 October 2018 at Boston University, and the second on 25 October 2018 at Northeastern University. Each session will consist of the same material, but you are welcome to attend both for extra practice.

Please read and comply to the individual packing list containing the gear required to participate. For cadets who are not issued navigation equipment (lensatic compass and protractor) through their ROTC program, let us know through the interest survey and we will supplement deficiencies as necessary.

On the morning of the event, POV transportation will be provided from Northeastern University, Boston College, and Boston University. If you can provide transportation, please denote this on the interest survey.

This event is an opportunity not only to exercise your practical land navigation skills, but also to meet fellow cadets from other branches of service and other schools in the area. Cadets will come away from the course with an increased familiarity with being in the woods and using their land navigation skills in a practical setting. They also tend to develop a deeper understanding of their own ability to overcome a combination of intellectual adversity and physical fatigue in the field, while completing the simple, yet critical, task of moving from one location to another.

If you are interested in attending, please complete this survey NLT 20 October 2018, and feel free to forward this information to any relevant personnel who may be interested.

Very respectfully,
Cadet Cabey

P/R SFC Cabey
S-2, A-12 Pershing Rifles